Land – Natural Beauty

Holy crap this is a beautiful continent we live on. Turtle Island, North America, whatever you want to call it. I spent some time near where the continent narrows in the south, and am starting to come back up north.

A few kilometers from the border of Guatemala and Mexico is Laguna Miramar. It wouldn’t be surprising if this lake was the inspiration for the floating islands in the film Avatar. The waters of the lake are bright blue, and the soft round sandstone protrusions around the islands and shores give the impression that the land is floating above the pristine waters that are home to impressive schools of fish. The jungle, full of huge trees, wild birds, reptiles, and cats, and made especially loud by the howler monkeys, surrounds the lake on which motor boats are not allowed. Also around the lake are some humans, arranged in four Mayan communities with political beliefs generally along the lines of Zapatismo, and one little beach for tourists who have hiked in from the town with road access a few kilometers away. Flowering plants bloom while perched high up in trees, and up the hill enormous caida trees tower over the jungle.

The lake drains via a river that is “puro crocodrilos”, full of crocodiles. It weaves its way down through the land to the Pacific Ocean. Along this coast, which is constantly being eaten away at moment after moment by the moving waters and tectonic movements, the Sierra Madre mountains rise up. Sometimes the mountain lands are home to desert with cactuses short, tall, strait, and round (and delicious). Some mountain faces house humble cloud forests, and on others chaotic rainforests thrive. In the bottom of the folds of these mountains are riverbeds over which water runs for somewhere between zero and 365 days a year.

Much further north along the coast, as inland deserts change from being of sand to of snow, waters flow through the rivers that Salmon will soon run up. The less jagged rivers of the east are beginning to move with the expansion of spring. The Don River, carving through the land that part of Toronto has been built on, and all the rivers flowing into the great lakes are making noise again, playing their part in sculpting the ever-changing face of the American continent, Turtle Island. The waters of the great lakes flow and mix with others then pass around the Island of Montreal, the outcropping of igneous rock surrounded by plains of old sea floor until more hills of rock and earth are met to the north and east and south.

It’s a huge continent, and I can’t do justice to a thousandth of it. The land we call Mexico is beautiful, as is that of the USA. The legal lines that define Canada enclose a region of vast beauty almost incomprehensible in scale. As spring springs, we get to look around again and make mutual re-introductions. The trillium, the violets, the parks, the waters returning, each other. Naturally, without having to add anything, it’s beautiful.


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