David Gray-Donald

David Gray-DonaldDavid Gray-Donald- B.A. & Sc. – Environment, Biology (McGill)

After graduating from McGill in 2010 , David started Porpoise, leading projects with, McGill University, Sears Canada, and the Lake Bernard Property Owners Association / Glen Bernard Camp, before putting the business on hold to working full-time for a couple years on the McGill University campus as Sustainability Coordinator of the undergraduate students’ society.

Since then (2013) David has been working at the intersection of journalism and social movements. He has written for NOW Toronto, VICE, Briarpatch Magazine, The Tyee, and the Canadian Centre for Architecture, among other publications, in recent years. David’s work, based on in-depth research and experience on the ground in activist struggles, has focused on climate justice, First Nations, racism, and Canadian and Quebec politics.