The Pod (Our Staff)

A group of porpoises is known as a pod. It’s better than being a school. Har har.

While we don’t spend our lives swimming the oceans hunting fishes together in close proximity, communication is key to the high-quality results this pod produces. As a mobile team, we draw out the best of each others skills to provide excellent services. Open up the tab above to see the current team, and look below to what some people have worked on in the past with Porpoise Group (in alphabetical order).

Pauline Beaupre (2011-2012): Organizational strategy, summer camp for adults

Emily Cho (2011): Home energy

Emily Clare (2012-2013): Equity Policy & Strategy

Emily Coffey (2013): Camp Fun in the City

Michelle Courtemanche (2011): Home energy

Sarah Dobson (2011): Logo design

Jonathan Glencross (2012): Case strategies

David Jeffrey (2011): Home energy

Kit Milnes (2011): Web development & content

Akilah Newton (2013): Camp Fun in the City

Tyler Smith (2011): Lake planning – scientific expertise and digital mapping

Antonio Sou (2011): Home energy

How Porpoise Group functions.