Project – Sears Home Energy Campaign

Porpoise’s Purpose: Help Sears Canada help Canadians to save money on their energy bills by referring appropriate services.This was done by providing “Home Energy Tune-ups”, a program designed by Sears Canada.

How did it happen? Porpoise Group put together a team of five (5) energetic and knowledgeable representatives to visit interested customers dwellings and show how Sears Canada could help them save money on their energy bills. Customers were provided with simple next-steps and long-term considerations to save energy. Customers often asked for additional services from Sears Canada, helping them realize that Sears is a leader in providing important products and services for responsible and conscientiousness living.

The same team that provided the home visits also staffed the Sears Eco booth at the National Home Show and the Green Living Show in Toronto.

Since Porpoise Group helped with the Home Energy Tune-ups in Ontario in fall 2010, the service has expanded in Ontario and into BC.


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