Project – McGill Office of Sustainability

Porpoise’s Purpose: Clean up a couple messes and help document some lessons learned so the Office of Sustainability could continue to foster a culture of sustainability at McGill University.

How did it happen? The first Director of the Office of Sustainability at McGill started work in 2007 and left at the end of May 2011. He left very few written records of what had been done, and a few projects were in disarray. David Gray-Donald was brought in to try to get some important information out of the outgoing Director, and diffuse a situation the Director was making unnecessarily tense regarding a major composting project on campus.

As of now, the composting system is running smoothly, the Office of Sustainability is planning a major community-wide visioning and action-planning process, and David Gray-Donald is working full-time just up the street from the Office as Sustainability Coordinator for the Students’ Society of McGill University. David is currently co-leading the community-wide process with staff from the Office of Sustainability and some amazing students.


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